Multi-Tenant Construction

Expert Multi-Tenant Construction and Remodeling Services for Maximum Investment Potential.

Multi-Unit Construction

We offer top-tier multi-tenant construction services that cater to your unique investment goals. Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in building multi-tenant structures up to 6 floors, ensuring a strong return on investment for property owners while providing comfortable living spaces for tenants. Additionally, we offer multi-unit remodeling and renovation services, such as basement apartment conversions and duplex or triplex transformations.


    • Low-Rise Apartment Buildings
    • Duplexes and Triplexes
    • Townhouses
    • Mixed-Use Developments

    Duplexes and Triplexes

    JBR Contracting is well-versed in constructing duplexes and triplexes that cater to the needs of budding investors entering the rental scene, as well as homeowners desiring supplemental rental income. Our committed team partners with you to plan and build duplexes and triplexes that not only possess aesthetic charm but also offer inviting and practical living areas. Place your trust in our adept architects and contractors to produce multi-unit properties that appeal to long-term tenants and ensure a consistent return on investment.


      • Ideal for small-scale investors and homeowners
      • Visually appealing and functional living spaces
      • Long-term tenant attraction
      • Expert guidance throughout the process
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      Low Rise Apartment Buildings in Ottawa

      JBR Contracting specializes in the construction of low-rise apartment buildings (up to 6 stories) in Ottawa, designed to maximize rental income potential while providing spacious and comfortable living units for tenants. Our experienced professionals pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each apartment is crafted with functionality and style in mind. With our expert guidance, your low-rise apartment building project will be an attractive investment opportunity that caters to modern renters’ preferences.


        • Spacious, comfortable living units
        • High-quality materials and construction
        • Attractive investment opportunity
        • Catering to modern renters’ preferences
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        Basement Apartment Conversions

        Transform unused basement space into a rentable unit with our basement apartment conversion services. JBR’s team of pro designers and contractors will work with you to create a self-contained, comfortable living space that adheres to local building codes and regulations, as well as your budget. By converting your basement into an additional rental unit, you can boost your property value and unlock a new revenue stream, maximizing the potential of your property investment.



          • Unlock new revenue stream
          • Increase property value
          • Compliance with local building codes
          • Comfortable, self-contained living space
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